Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Let's Get Ready to NoMo

What the what happened to December? If you are anything like me you are totally startled by NoMoSlackMo being only days away. Two short, measly days to be precise.

Don't panic. Seriously take a few deep breaths. Drink a Pepsi or a shot of Tequila or whatev calms your nerves. Better? Sweet...

NoMoSlackMo is our second chance. NaNo may have chewed us up and spit us out... and then stomped on us with golf cleats. Stupid Nano. But NoMo is a different kind of month. NoMo is a month filled with words that fly onto the page. A mont filled with laughter and support and with Melissa and I around... plenty of comic relief. Usually not intentional.

So it's all going to be okay. Promise....

Now a few little business items...

Melissa and I decided to it might be nice to have a forum where we can chat, give feedback on writing, slack off, etc. And so the NoMoSlackMo forum was created.

Here are your step by step instructions for joining us in a month of writing fun...
Step One: Go to NoMoSlackMo Forum
Step Two: Sign up
Step Three: Post, ask questions, etc.

Again people I must stress how important it is that you not leave Melissa and I to our own devices. The last time we were left in a room (or email inbox) together we had our precious little drunken bar baby... NoMo. And I know NoMo is cute and all but really. We need supervision.
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