Tuesday, December 1, 2009

excuses, excuses, excuses...

I was thinking today and wondering....

How long did it take my fellow slackers out there to realise that you were not going to make it through the crazy November NaNo challenge?

Me? I think it was in the first couple of days.
It's funny....I start to realize that something is not going the way I had hoped.....then my mind starts working.

Okay, what I'm really talking about is how I start laying blame.
On everyone but me.

The easiest place for me (for those of you who don't know me) is this guy

Our Border Collie pup that we got in October.
and I posted about if you're interested.

But there were plenty of other reasons that went through my mind for my November Flop....

~my kids and husband. --I mean come on do you really need to eat and have clean clothes all the time. Couldn't you just "wing it" for one month?

~the college age kids who started this whole thing. --Obviously they don't worry about cooking, cleaning, caring for a family. I don't remember if they had a job or not. Yeah, I know plenty of mom's out there who work and succeeded....okay, this is where I admit my "slackerness".

~November?--yes I'm blaming a month (or whoever chose it)! Really, could there be a worse month to do something like this? Ever heard of Thanksgiving? Christmas shopping and preparation? Flu season? Yeah, had them all at my house .
~the weather--we had some really unseasonably warm weather here in the Chicago area. Who wants to be inside writing when it's the last "hurrah!" for doing fun things outside. It was never this nice out other years....only the year I decide to do NaNo.
I loved to hear how long you held on to the "November dream" (I made it to 18,064 words- week 2) and any good excuses why you failed (or didn't start)?
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