Saturday, January 2, 2010

Um Yeah,,,, what is it we're doing here????

OK so here we are, January 2010, the big beginning to a new era of writing, literary geniuses from all over the blogosphere are telling November to suck it and embarking on a new chore to ignore project which we can do simultaneously, supporting and encouraging each other.  So where's the first paragraph, McGilly? Where indeed?  Haven't done it yet have you? Well technically, no, there are no words on paper per se but there are words darting around my head like astronauts on crack!!!

See, I am one of those people who don't START things easily... not a self starter you might if you were all to come over and have a glass of wine with me and get me laughing and feeling all funny and creative I'd be off on a roll.   However, I'm here all alone and wondering what the heck I'm going to do in order to actually begin the begin, take the first step, poke my toe in the water that kind of thing?????

I am great at the humor, I hope!!! People seem to like my blogging and I love to read books by funny women.... so that's a possibility.  Then again, I love mysteries and can always spot the twist before anyone else in the room, except for that last episode of Dexter.. that just about killed me!!! scuse the pun.

Well it's still early days right?  Do we have little tiny goals?  Are we supposed to be so many words in by now? or have a title? or an idea?  it just occurred to me I haven't even had the good manners to check out everyone else's word counts. Is that even a good idea? It may throw me into an even bigger frenzy of Startaphobia Panic Attackicus.

I could be starting the book instead of wittering on about nothing here, couldn't I, could I .... yes I damn well can... I'm off to start.... ok here I go... wish me luck!!!!! muwaahhhhh
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